YouTube Coins

YouTube Coins 2.0.1 – Media Script + Points System

Download YouTube Coins 2.0.1 – With this amazing script, you can build your YouTube media website in under 3 minutes. Using the super easy and simple installer. It allows users to watch many more YouTube videos.

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  • Seo Friendly.
  • buy coins through PayPal
  • Login via Facebook
  • Sign in through Google
  • Open chart protocol
  • Pretty Points system with full administrator control
  • Add your custom CSS code.
  • Customize:
  • 1 the logo of your site.
  • 2 your favorite icon.
  • 3 your watermark icon.
  • 4 SEO website keywords, description and page title.
  • 5 the website name.
  • 6 point settings
  • Users can add youtube videos.
  • Smart update button
  • Super easy installation and complete customization.
  • Lets you log in and register.
  • Lets you log in through your Google account.
  • Change the theme of the user interface with 4 themes.
  • User account.
  • Full admin power controls.
  • 100% responsive
  • Friendly interface.
  • Regular updates.
  • Support announcements (Adsense, adchoice and any HTML code you need or images).
  • Add languages
  • delete user videos from the administrator account.
  • Codeigniter v3.1.10
  • uikit-2.20.2
  • Register users
  • Advertising list
  • Watch videos or images from YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion and earn coins
  • Reorder user video according to coins in balance
  • Manage users: Allows you to manage registered users.
  • Manage Videos: Allows you to manage videos written by users (active and deleted).
  • Edit CSS file
  • Manage languages.
  • And a lot of lot more




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