Course Overview

Java 8 for Complete Beginners


Master the basics of programming

Learn to programme the easy way, by using the world’s most popular language to:
• Discover anyone can code in Java
• Write your own programs
• Be in demand worldwide
• Do Android coding

About me

Nagajan Roshiya, Java Developer
I am a self-taught java developer. I am now working full-time as an independent software instructor, Sharing video tutorials.  At the time of making these Java Post, I am living in Porbandar.


• Read Java code
• Develop basic Java applications
• Devise solutions when given a
problem statement

Major components

1. Introduction
2. Java basics
3. Arrays
4. Exceptions
5. Java classes
6. Conclusion

Lecture outline
• 54 Lectures
• 5 minutes
1. Video
2. PDF
3. Transcript
4. Coding exercise

Ideal student

[newsletter_button id=1 label=”Subscribe”]Complete beginner who wants to learn
to programme by:
• watching live coding
• doing coding exercises
• checking answers against solutions

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Written by Roshiya


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